Dragonfly: A Symbol For Transformation

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Dragonfly: A Symbol For Transformation

I’m often asked why I chose the symbol of a dragonfly for my art and design business. The reason is simple: I’m fascinated with transformation. The physical transformation of a nymph into a dragonfly is such a radical, all-encompassing change. It’s truly amazing.

I’ve been inspired by people who grabbed the reins of their lives and lost a significant amount of weight, or continued to live life fully despite serious physical challenges, or fought and won back their lives from a deadly disease. That is meaningful transformation and, really, it’s going on in our lives all the time. The only constant ever is change. What you do with that change is up to you.

The same sort of transformation can happen to a room or entire interior of a home or office when the walls are transformed with art. Using color and flow, subject and meaning, your whole surroundings can be changed, affecting your mood and how your feel in that space.

It can be just that amazing when a business reinvents itself too. We love to be involved with transforming a business’s public image or helping a start-up create a brand new public presence through exciting websites, engaging social media, great content and regular email communication.